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Online Returns, Overstock, & Shelf Pulls

Typical Cost: Low Count Loads: 18-25% of Online Retail; High Count Loads: 12-18% of Online Retail

Typical Online Retail Value:  Low Count Loads: $50k-150k; High Count Loads: $100k-400k
Typical Load Size:  Truckload [approx 24 pallets]; Low Count Loads: 600-1k pcs; High Count Loads: 5k-25k pcs
FOB:  Tennessee, Ohio, Arizona, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kansas Fulfillment Center General Merchandise

These are some of the easiest truckloads to deal with, because they are not returns.  These come from Fulfillment Centers, NOT return centers.  Online Returns come on different truckloads from different locations.  You can see below for more information on those.

These loads have lower loss rates than traditional returns.  Much of these loads will be new & like-new condition.  Mostly what you're dealing with is package damage, where the item itself is undamaged.  A little bit of repackaging and you're off!

Personal Computers, Automotive, Healthy & Beauty, Baby, Books, DVDs, Groceries, Housewares, Home Improvement, Kitchen, Lawn & Garden, Mobile Electronics, Office Supplies, Personal Care Appliances, and more! Online Returns General Merchandise

The absolute best in return merchandise.  Unprocessed, untouched, straight from the reclamation center.  Take advantage of buyer remorse.  Many items are like new, only suffering from box damage.  Pet supplies, health & beauty, housewares, hardware, furniture, home decor, domestics, office supplies, sporting goods, toys, just about everything.  Loads are packed with name brand items, making them great for online resale and higher end resale shops.  These loads are always manifested and available daily.  These loads come in 3 different sizes on a regular basis, which are further detailed below.  Different types of loads are better for different types of operations.  If you're not sure what type of load would work best for your business, we can help.

Typical Cost: 12-15% of Value

Typical Retail Value:  $200k-300k
Typical Load Size:  Truckload [approx 24-48 pallets]
FOB:  Nevada, Kentucky, Indiana Online Returns General Merchandise

The best quality merchandise available in the liquidation world.  Groupon has an exceptionally large customer base prone to impulse buying, which means these loads are packed with a high percentage of buyer remorse items, unopened, and undeliverables.  Loads are packed with gift items, trendy electronics, designer fashions, state of the art kitchen gear, tablets, domestics, and more, making these loads perfect for retail operations.  Like other online returns, loss rates are very low.  These loads are always manifested.  These are available all the time and updated daily, so just call for a manifest.  

Typical Cost: 10-15% of Value

Typical Retail Value:  $100k-200k
Typical Load Size:  Truckload [approx 24-48 pallets]
FOB:  Nevada, Tennessee, Kentucky Online Catalog Returns General Merchandise is a huge online catalog company, with merchandise from every category.  They are fully manifested, very low in waste due to the high number of buyer remorse items and undeliverables.  Audio/video items, electronics, video games, personal care appliances, domestics, small appliances, pet supplies, clothing & apparel, toys, automotive, sporting goods, home decor, and housewares pack these loads.  These loads are very popular and are frequently on a waiting list.

Typical Cost: 12-15% of Retail

Typical Retail Value:  $100k-200k

Typical Load Size:  Truckload [approx 24 pallets]
FOB:  Ohio, Wisconsin Online Returns General Merchandise

Wayfair is a huge online retailer of housewares, furniture, and home decor.  These loads are historically much cleaner than regular brick and mortar retail loads with a high percentage of items being still in the original shipping box.  Loads have detailed manifests.  These loads are extremely popular due to the low loss rates on top of the low wholesale cost.  Loads of Bedding, Rugs, or Mixed are available.

Typical Cost: Mixed 16% of Retail; Bedding 18% of Retail; Rugs 21% of Retail

Typical Retail Value:  $30k-50k

Typical Load Size:  Truckload [approx 24 pallets]
FOB:  Kentucky


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