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Banana Box Groceries

Banana Box Grocery Loads

Slightly distressed packaging and shelf pulls from major grocery retailers.  Available all the time, loads are comprised mostly of scratch & dent non-perishables, not expired products.  Frequently a few pallets of HBA, paper goods, or Convenience Store GM are included.  Loads come directly from regional grocery reclamation centers nationwide, so the loads haven't been picked through.

Product from stores like WalMart, McLane, Publix, Piggly Wiggly, Super Valu, CVS, Sears, and many others.

Typical Cost: $11.50-$15.00/box [24 boxes/pallet]

Typical Load Cost:  $13,000-18,000
Typical Load Size:  Truckload [approx. 48-52 pallets]
FOB:  California, North Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas

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