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Hardware & Tools

Hotel Foxtrot Power Tools

Shelf Pulls, Online Returns, and Customer Returns shipped directly from a national tool & hardware chain.  These items are warehouse damage, discontinued items, online returns, buyer remorse, and have high dollar value per item.  They come packed with power and gas tools like pneumatic drills, impact wrenches, mig welders, bench grinders, power drills, air compressors, angle grinders, staple guns, water pumps, generators, and much more.  Loads come fully manifested down to the pallet, making them great for pallet sales, 25 pallets to a load.

Typical Cost: ~$15,000

Typical Retail Value:  $65,000-70,000
Typical Load Size:  Truckload [25 pallets]
FOB:  California, South Carolina

Hotel-Delta Hardware & Home Improvement Turbo

Shelf Pulls & Online Returns from the nation's largest home improvement chain.  Completely unprocessed, unmanifested, coming from the DC before it ever makes it to the reclamation center for tagging and manifesting.  These loads are typically high dollar value per item and can include tools, hardware, patio furniture, canopies, gazebos, kitchen, bathroom, fixtures, lawnmowers, cabinets, and many more items.  Loss rates are historically low with a significant number of items being refused freight and buyer remorse.  

Typical Cost: $10k

Typical Retail Value:  $35-60k
Typical Load Size:  Truckload [24 pallets]
FOB:  Indiana

Lima Hardware & Home Improvement

Shelf Pulls and Customer Returns from one of America's largest home improvement chains.  These loads are packed with all kinds of hardware, lawn & garden, tools, appliances, home improvement items, and more.  Loss rates are historically decent, especially considering the price.  Loads are unmanifested and available on a regular basis.

Typical Cost: $6k-10k

Typical Retail Value: $50-80k
Typical Load Size:  Truckload [16-30 pallets, some oversized]
FOB:  Indiana, Georgia 

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